Immersion is fun!

It can be scary to think of being immersed in a new language. English is studied across the globe. The English language takes it’s bases from latin and greek. Most countries use English as their primary mode of communication. If we alter our thinking about language immersion, we will be able to really enjoy ourselves. At NOVA DC Academy, you get to be a part of English. You get to join in fun activities around DC, like going to the markets, and getting to see all the sights around the US Capitol.

With day camp and overnight options, you will not only learn more English, but also make new friends and memories that will last a lifetime.  At George Mason University, you’ll find that English is something we are all learning while getting connected with other non-native learners too.

The staff at NOVA DC Academy will surely help you get through the immersion process with great success and happiness!

Smile, 2018 NOVA DC Academy Summer Camps will ROCK!!!

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